Natural fibre proccesing

i-NF – Extrusion
Americans and Europeans have gone different ways for processing of natural fibres (WPC). EJK goes its own way, a third way. We enter the way of the integrated, innovative technology of venting moisture during the extrusion process (i-NF). With this „all in one“ technology high filled plastics can be extruded directly without pre-drying.


36D+ Technology for i-NF
EJK delivers the longest processing units for counter rotating twin screws with multiple venting. We have the technology and capability of manufacturing twin screws with extreme length. This is only possibly by the deepest knowledge of manufacturing and the application of special steel with highest forging. Only the 36D+ technology for i-NF will accord the highest product quality for wood composites and all other high filled natural fibre recipes

The dosing of the different components works with a special developed gravimetric system at the hopper of the extruder. During the extrusion process it allows to control the output of each single component on the one hand side and the formulation itself on the other side. Because of the variation in free flow properties of natural fibres gravimetric dosing is the essential base for high quality products. As a co-product of the gravimetric dosing system you will have an excellent material balancing and consequentlyan excellent commercial control of your product.

NF – Know-how

EJK disposes of a large know-how for formula- tions, converting and applications about natural fibre filled plastics. With reasonable investment EJK gives you the introduction in a new economical technology with saw dust and wood fibre or several other natural fibres.


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