Due – Diligence
One part of the project business carried out by -EJK- is the due-diligence as well as the setting up and management of your new companies or branches respectively.


EJK– is competent and experienced to evaluate extrusion companies world wide. We generate detailed technical and commercial reports of a company including its „intellectual properties“ (patents etc.).

Siding projects
Until end of the last century siding primarily was an American product. Due to our experiences on the US-market -EJK- developed to a competent partner in assembling and processing of siding-systems and -lines. For us siding means the outdoor panels and cladding of a house, which can be produced as 1- or 2-layer PVC-profiles but also from fibre-filled Polyolefine profiles. To get a highest quality product the surface could be additional laminated by special wood grain surface films.


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