Pipe Tools

One of EJK’s main products are pipe tools for converting a wide range of PVC-formulations in mono- and co-extrusion. Our priorities are highest output and best pipe quality. Our daily business is double strand extrusion as well as thermal pipe centring. There is no limit in production speed caused by the pipe head. We produce pipe heads for any production speed.

NF tooling
Long-term experience and special tool developments for high filled formulations have lead to an independent and innovative and trend-setting tool technology. EJK produces pipe tools, plates, single- and double-walled profiles and the extrusions achieve high quality requirements

Window-profile tools
EJK designs system-development of window-profile-systems and their tools. These tools are processed and started-up according to our concepts. This concerns especially the double strand tools or profile tools to achieve a high production speed. It is obligatorythat a window profile tool achieves highest standards in surface and colour stability as well as the fact that only lowest measurement tolerances will be accepted in most profile ranges

Training programs
EJK offers training programs in tool-technology. That includes the general comprehension for laying and calculation of tools as well as the training by experienced tool manufacturers by systematic tuning of the tools. We have a considerable potential of experience which is a great benefit for the tool manufacturers and their daily business.

Pipe heads

Typ RG 1 RG 2 RG 3 RG 4 RG 5 RG 6 RG 7
min. dimensions [mm] 16×1,2 40×1,8 63×1,9 90×4,3 140×4,1 200×5,9 250×7,3
max. dimensions [mm] 63×3,0 110×8,2 160×7,7 250×7,3 400×11,7 500×9,8 630×12,4
Number of heating zones 4 5 5 6 9 12 14
Heating power  [kw] 6 12 18 34 44 65 93
Weight[kg] 155 290 520 1050 1400 2200 3250
max. Troughput [kg/h] 250 400 600 900 >1000 >1200 >1200




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