Innovation for you advantage

Our companies philosophy is the continuous and innovative improvement of existing extruding solutions. The name of our company is a promise to our customers: You get the essence of scientific competence in combination with practical know how.
German extrusion technology bundles the knowledge of

  • Formulation of plastics
  • Tools for pipe and profile
  • Processing units and
  • wide range of extruders and equipment.

Our highlights are our unique calculation and dimension routines for optimising screw and barrel designs. These allow the design for higher output, optimised energy consumption and higher life time for safe production processes with a wide process window.

Customer Philosophy of EJKrueger GmbH

A Customer
is the most important person in our company equal if he is personally there or he is corresponding or on phoning

A Customer
is not depending of us we are depending of him

A Customer
is no break of our work he is the purpose of our work

A Customer
is somebody bring wishes to us our business is fulfilling customers wishes true and profitable for him and for us

A Customer
is not nobody to make dispute or testing his intellect there will be nobody winning a dispute with a customer

A Customer
is no outsider,he is a living part of our business we disoblige working for him, but he do us a favour for giving us the chance for workingh for him


EJKrueger GmbH
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