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EJKrüger GmbH has been active in the field of manufacturing process units for the plastics industry for more than two decades. During this time, a very large number of process units for the area of PVC processing as well as the processing of polyolefins or special plastics have been manufactured and delivered to OEMs on various continents. EJK manufactures in particular according to drawings, although we are also happy to incorporate modifications based on our experience into customer drawings. This concerns in particular the use of different materials and different types of wear equipment. It should only be mentioned here that counter-rotating screws should have a completely different wear behaviour in comparison to co-rotating screws or single screws and accordingly a different wear protection.

The OEM structure from Asia, Middle East, Europe and America requires a wide variety of process units. EJK has been serving this OEM structure for a very long time and has established a very long-term and trustful cooperation.

In addition to normal process units for extrusion and injection moulding, EJK also manufactures process engineering components for various areas of plastics processing. This is especially the case in the chemical industry and the area of large process elements. EJK can also process processing elements with individual weights of up to 15 tons.


You can contact us directly, every day from 8:00h – 18:00h CET we are available for you under +49 171 999 7777 or info@ejkrueger.de

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