Co-rotating twin screws

EJK supplies shafts and screw elements for co-rotating twin screw systems. The shafts are manufactured by milling and are designed according to the customer’s drawings. Customer drawings are also the basis for the screw elements.

While standard elements as well as shafts are manufactured in nitrided design, the screw elements can also be manufactured in wear-protected design to a large extent. A large proportion of these are manufactured with the so-called HIP wear protection design.

  • Maximum length of the screw shafts 7,50m
  • Max. Diameter of the screw shafts 350mm
  • Minimum diameter of the screw shafts 40mm

Barrel segments are designed according to drawing with an L/D ratio of 2-5. The outer contour can be manufactured both round and square. After production, all barrel sections are subjected to pressure checks, i.e. a 100% tightness of the temperature control is guaranteed.

Barrel segments are supplied in bimetal or with a corresponding wear protection insert. The wear protection insert is replaceable.