Is EJK a new company?

No, EJK has been active in the field of extrusion technology since the beginning of 2000 and has decades of experience and unique know-how.

Which products can EJK supply?

EJKrüger GmbH has been active for more than two decades in the field of manufacturing process units for the plastics industry. During this time, a very large number of process units for the area of PVC processing as well as the processing of polyolefins or special plastics have been manufactured and delivered to OEMs on various continents. EJK manufactures in particular according to drawings, although we are also happy to incorporate modifications based on experience into customer drawings.

Does EJK also supply follow-ups for profiles?

No, EJK does not supply any follow ups.

What about a quick delivery in case of an emergency?

The standard delivery time for screws and barrels is 16 weeks. 90% of all screws and barrels are delivered in the 14th week.  EJK can provide a quick delivery for almost all screws and barrels within approx. 9-11 weeks (depending on size) at a small extra charge.

Does EJK offer turnkey projects?

EJK delivers screws and barrels as well as some PVC and PO lines. We do not offer turnkey projects.

Does EJK deliver to South America?

EJK has a global network and supplies customers all over the world. North Korea is an exception to this.

What is the wear protection for screws and barrels?

The standard wear protection for all EJK screws is provided by the optimized screw design and the special nitration of the steel surface. For applications with, for example, rice husks, wood flour, glass fibre additives or barium sulphites as filler, EJK offers wear protection with a tungsten carbide coating on all surfaces in contact with the product. For the US market we supply a special tungsten carbide coating in PTA on the running surface of the screws. These screws are only suitable for use in bimetallic cylinders (X-800 cylinders).

What about warranty?

EJK has a large guarantee window. In summary, we offer a two-year guarantee on all mechanical products. As standard, EJK gives a one-year warranty on wear of screws and barrels. We have agreements with our best customers for a guarantee period of up to three years.

Can EJK provide references?

EJK could give references, but does not do so. We protect our customers with complete confidentiality and respect for all information we receive. We not only discuss machines, but also optimise recipes and products.

What about overhauling extruders and lines?

EJK only supplies new machines.

Does EJK repair screws and barrels?

EJK only supplies newly manufactured screws and barrels.

What is the other way of thinking at EJK?

A core part of our thinking is environmental protection. The EJK philosophy puts the customer in the foreground, but directly next to it, the environmental aspect. For example, we reduce the number of sales flights and trips to a minimum.

Does EJK have experience with WPC?

Several of our process units are the heart of extruders for the production of profiles with wood flour additives or natural fibres. In addition, our screws and barrels can be found in many areas of WPC pelletizing.

Do you have further questions?

Then please contact us at info@ejkrueger.de or simply give us a call: +49 – 171 999 7777