Single Screws

EJK supplies single screws for a wide range of different applications in plastics processing. We usually receive drawings from our customers, which are designed and manufactured in our company. In addition to the usual three-zone screws, all variants of barrier zones are of course available, as well as different variants of maddock, mixing and shearing parts.

Maximum length

  • One piece 7,50m
  • Multi-part 10m
  • Max. diameter 700mm

The standard versions are usually ionitrided, large single screws or barrels are also supplied as gas-nitrided versions. We supply the running surfaces with special wear protection. It is important to note that a large number of designs are only useful if they are operated in a suitable bimetallic barrel.

The bimetallic barrels are supplied according to customer requirements. Here, a distinction is made between abrasion and corrosion protection equipment. For special applications, screws and barrels are made of Hastalloy.

EJK also manufactures deep-cut single screws, e.g. for rubber processing, as well as pin barrels or separable barrel segments.